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undisturbed winter landscapes

Welcome to the snow paradise of Ried im Oberinntal. Hiking in winter is a completely different attraction to mountain tours in summer. Walking on snowshoes , you tramp through silent forests, across undisturbed meadows and meet no-one but yourself. The Alps provide a backdrop against which the fascination of snowshoe hiking is palpable, and this hotel with its professional mountain guides is just the right partner for your winter experience.

Cross-country skiing

Enjoy our cross-country paradise

Enjoy the breathtaking winter landscape, warming sunshine and a sport that "tracks". Cross-country skiers will really get their money's worth in the Tyrolean Oberland. The network of cross-country ski trails covers 120 km and stretches from Kaunertal through Pfunds to Nauders and on into Engadin.

There are many attractive trails around Ried. There is something for everyone, from the romantic Hubertus trail to the sporty Skating trail. We offer a free transfer service in our hotel bus to the cross-country ski trails and back, to ensure that you can easily reach all the trails. You can happily leave your car behind.

An important thing to remember is of course the snack that you can bring with you from the hotel – backpacks and Thermos flasks are available for your use, free of charge, in your room! Beginners might also like to book a cross-country skiing or skating course at the Hotel Riederhof! We recommended that you try a combination of snowshoe travel and cross-country skiing. Enjoy the cross-country skiing paradise with a free shuttle bus!

Cross-country ski trails

Around Ried


78 km

Classic cross-country skiing 50 km of marked trails (very good)
Cross-country skating 28 km of marked trails (very good)


17.5 km

Classic cross-country skiing and skating 17.5 km of marked trails (very good)


64 km

Classic cross-country skiing 37.3 km of marked trails (very good)
Cross-country skating 26.7 km of marked trails (very good)


Kaunergrat Nature Park

21.7 km

Classic cross-country skiing 14.7 km of marked trails (fantastic)
Cross-country skating 7 km of marked trails (fantastic)


45 km

Classic cross-country skiing 25 km of marked trails (very good)
Cross-country skating 20 km of marked trails (very good)

Langtauferertal – Höhenloipe

14.5 km

Secret tip!

  • Altitude: 1,680 – 1,912 m
  • Level: easy/moderate/difficult
  • Distance: trail 8 km + forest trail 6.5 km
  • Difference in altitude: 250 m
  • Style: classic and skating

St. Valentin

12.5 km

  • Altitude: 1,470 – 1,450 m
  • Level: easy
  • Distance: 12.5 km
  • Difference in altitude: 76 m
  • Style: classic and skating

Snowshoe excursions

Winter hiking in the Tyrolean Oberland

Whether you follow a smooth-rolled path or a cleared track, of course the conditions will change depending on the weather. Hikers should always take hiking sticks with them as well as a Thermos flask of hot tea, both of which are available at the Riederhof. You might also, however, join one of our guided hikes , including a range of possibilities from winter forest hikes looking for animal tracks through torchlight hikes to tobogganing expeditions! Discover pure winter delight! We are pleased to offer guided tours through undisturbed snowy landscapes and wonderful winter woodlands 4-5 times per week.

Snowshoe tours

Around Ried

Gogles Alm

Searching for ptarmigan

A favourite tour of both nature guide Helga and Bubu
The trail starts at Kaunergrat. At the parking area just after the Gogles Alm turnoff, we set out from the opposite side of the road. You can clearly see the snowshoe tracks already marking the snow. The path takes us steadily uphill through the snow-covered winter forest, surrounded by nature's wonderful stories about the animals in winter. You only need to look around you to see the many tracks of the forest dwellers, most of whom are not seen during the day. A soft twittering in the trees tells us that we are not alone – the world is a wonderful host if only we can be grateful guests.

Come with us on a journey through the snow-covered landscape and enjoy the beauties of the Kaunergrat Nature Park!

  • Difference in altitude: 510 m up and back
  • Time: approx. 4 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate

From the nature park to the Aifner Alm

Following the tracks of the forest creatures

The path leads past the Schnadinger Weiher and through the beautiful snowy landscapes of the nature park! Along the way, we try to spot the tracks of the animals that live here in the forest. Of course we try not to disturb these inhabitants – still, we might even find the tracks of an Arctic hare or hear the cheeping of a warbler! Here in the nature park there is plenty of wildlife that you will hardly ever find anywhere else.

  • Difference in altitude: 720 m
  • Time: approx. 3.5 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate

Tscheylücke – Frudiger

Includes the peak

Starting from the Tscheylücke near Pfunds, the path continues across the toboggan slope right the way up to Brunnen! After that you cross a couple of pasture fences and climb the beautiful sunny slopes up Frudiger at 2,153 metres above sea level. The summit offers a fabulous view of the Inntal! The trail continues along the top of Frudiger and then below Sonnberg back to the path along the Tscheytal, then back to the Tscheylücke.

You will enjoy breathtaking views and a beautiful landscape dotted with innumerable little Alpine huts. And, of course, conquering a real peak with a summit register!

  • Difference in altitude: 900 m
  • Time: approx. 5.5 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: strenuous


Ried – Gfrans – Schwabegertle – Ried

Tour of the Wassertal

We set off from the Reiterhof, without our snowshoes until we get to a spot below the Gfrans. Then we put our snowshoes on and follow the path past the old farmhouse, turning off towards Schwabegertle. A lovely path leads us to the Wassertal and from there back to Ried.

  • Difference in altitude: 800 m
  • Time: approx. 3 hours
  • Degree of difficulty: easy – moderate

Winter hikes

are fun for dogs too

During guided snowshoe excursions from the Riederhof, we move across absolutely avalanche-safe landscapes at a gradient of 25-28%. All equipment is available from the hotel - all you need to have with you are good mountain shoes – ideally waterproof! We will provide tea and snacks, while nature provides the atmosphere!

Come and join us for an unforgettable winter experience!

Rules for winter hikes with dogs

near the Riederhof

  • If you choose a hike that does not start from the hotel, your humans will have to drive themselves to the starting point. We are not allowed to transport dogs in the hiking bus!
  • In some areas, including the nature park, dogs must be kept on leash.
  • Likewise, please wear a leash in narrow places and on steep climbs, so neither you nor your human gets into any trouble.
  • When taking a break and opening the backpack, please sit by your human or wear a leash, to avoid any misunderstandings about food!
  • You should apply ointment to your paws when going on winter hikes and snowshoe tours. Paw ointment is available from our shop!
  • Hiking through nature is meant to be a peaceful experience, so please do not whistle or call loudly – or bark!
  • Pack instinct is likely to take over when hiking with a group of dogs – please take care, because the hotel does not accept any responsibility for your actions!
  • The guide is responsible for the safety of all people and dogs on a tour. So please pay attention to their instructions and follow their advice!

This applies to summer hikes as well.

Overview of our winter prices.

Whether you prefer snowshoe excursions, skiing or wellness – here at the Riederhof you can enjoy a perfect winter holiday with your dog. Find room prices for the winter season.

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