Summer holiday in Ried

with your dog

Summer holidays in Tyrol mean sun, mountains, views and insights. At the dog-friendly Hotel Riederhof in Oberinntal, almost everything revolves around four-leggers and two-wheelers. Biking, hiking with your dog, and in between perhaps a little visit to the pool? Or a round of fly fishing with our host? Simply relax, let your heart rejoice and do whatever you want to. And in between you can enjoy luxurious wellness packages, succumb to culinary temptations and simply enjoy!

Holiday in Austria in summer

always a pleasure

Who enjoys splashing, paddling and swimming with more enthusiasm than any human? That's right, we are talking about our best friend: the dog. We want to make sure we are offering more than just plenty of heart for our faithful four-legged companions – we want to provide a perfect range of holiday options for humans and animals to enjoy together. That's why we now have a shared swimming oasis.

Because plunging into the cool liquid together is even more fun. This doesn't just make the dogs' hearts beat faster, but their humans' as well. With an infinity view of the surrounding mountain landscape, comfortable lounging options and attached dog playground, our tail-waggers and their companions will find their idea of paradise right outside our doors, safely away from any main roads. Contemplative strolls, leisurely walks or tramps through wind, sun, rain and wind are sure to be good for us dogs, but they also serve to revitalise our two-leggers...

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