Hund an der Bar im Hotel Riederhof

Doggy specials

Shopping, hiking & more


Everyone is so friendly at the Riederhof that I don't have to bark and yap. I just say, all the time and very quietly – WOW!

WOW! Fancy some shopping?

Dog shop in the hotel

The hotel's own dog shop has practically everything a dog could need. Treats, canine fashions, feed, blankets and much more. It's probably best if you just come and have a look!

WOW! Want to go for a winter hike?

Cream for dog paws

Hiking in the snow! Do you have anything that’s really nice for dogs? To keep our paws really feeling good, we have developed a fabulous ointment. It is made from coconut, olive and almond oils together with Vitamin E and beeswax. Even when we lick it off, it's really WOW! Available from the dog shop!

WOW! Fancy a canine package?

this can be booked all winter

In the coming winter we will be offering special canine packages at the Riederhof. These can be booked during the whole winter season. A little taste of the canine packages:


  • Includes a daily dog fee of €7 for the duration of your stay
  • Dog blanket
  • Dog bowl
  • Welcome treats
  • 6x dog-walking service, 1 hour each
  • 1x dog bandanna with "Riederhof" design
  • Cost: €160
Overview of canine packages and extras

Holiday with your dog in Tyrol? Hotel Riederhof is the place to go. Our special features include great company for your darling dog as well as canine packages for your stay at the Riederhof with your dog.

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WOW! Training, schools and wellness programme

Would you like to learn something new? And would you like to be rewarded for this, maybe with a couple of treats? Then I have just the right option for you:
the mobile dog school in Tyrol comes to the hotel and provides all kinds of training sessions and courses. They even offer a free one-hour trial session.

You can also indulge in a canine physiotherapy session. Because even dogs sometimes suffer from musculoskeletal problems. Especially during the rehabilitation phase, but also as a preventative measure , physiotherapy is an important supplementary method which should always be included with canine medical treatment.


  • Classic massage:
    stroking, friction, kneading, tapotement, palpation, scar treatment
  • Active exercise therapy:
    stabilisation exercises, coordination training, training, muscle support and development, gait training, strength and endurance training, proprioception training, balance exercises
  • Passive exercise therapy:
    manual therapy, joint mobilisation, soft tissue mobilisation, stretching, traction
  • Thermotherapy:
    heat and cold treatments
  • Electrotherapy:
    nerve stimulation, TENS, electric muscle stimulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Consultation, assessment of results, individual plan development, development of a take-home programme

One hour costs €50
For further information on canine physiotherapy, please go to:

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