Included services for dogs

and rules

WOW! Everything's included!

We really aren't the underdogs

Our canine friends are by no means the underdogs here at the Riederhof. It is all about us! For only €7 per day.

And this modest fee gets you a range of extras:

  • Dog blanket in the room
  • Welcome treats in the room
  • Dog bowl
  • Throw blanket for the bed
  • Dog pampering station (for a fee)
  • Use of the agility playground
  • Use of the dog swimming pool



I honestly have to say, I've never seen anything like it. I've been around, but in this place, every waitress has dog biscuits in her pocket... WOW!

Dog meadow at Hotel Riederhof
Hund an der Bar im Hotel Riederhof
Hundeteich im Garten des Hotel Riederhof

WOW! There are rules for the dogs as well

Leashes, sleeping arrangements and more

To ensure that your holiday with us at the Riederhof is really pawsome, I do have a few rules for you to remember.

  • Our cleaning ladies really love animals, but we would rather you didn't upset them unnecessarily. So if you are likely to defend your territory, your humans should fill out the slip of paper next to your dog bowl and leave it outside the door.
  • Please do not mark your territory on the hotel grounds, but only out in the great outdoors. When walking around the hotel and the town, the Ried municipality requires that you use the doggy do bags in the town area .
  • You – or your human – are asked to keep your leash on in the hotel – you can work that out between yourselves.
  • If your humans forgot to bring dog food, we will be glad to supply this for you
    (€6 for 1/2 kg – BARF meat mixed with vegetables).
  • In the hotel, you are not allowed to sleep on the bed! You still can sleep beside it, in front of it or behind it, though.
  • You may come into the restaurant, on condition that you bring your best behaviour and that you have reserved a table!
  • You may not be fed in the restaurant or take food from the table.
  • If you want to come along to the pool, then we ask you to use the sunbathing area near the dog refreshment pool .

I look forward to your visit!
Your Bubu

Included services for

At the Riederhof in Oberinntal, we will spoil you with a tremendous range of included services.

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