Dog meadow at Hotel Riederhof
Hundeteich des Hotels Riederhof

Special features

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WOW! That playground is pawsome!

1,000 m² of play area

There's a real paradise for us right behind the hotel. 1,000 m² of play area with all kinds of agility devices and obstacles. It's a great place for us to romp around, cavort and play for all we're worth. There is also a dog swimming pool just waiting for you. Then it will be all about swimming, diving, splashing and spraying.

The play area is fenced and open every day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.


I am so playful, I just want to rampage around everywhere. I try out all the equipment, jump on everything, tear under and through and around until my tongue is almost hanging down to the ground. Then it's time for a belly-flop into the pool or an enormous pile of snow! WOW!

WOW! A nice new hairstyle, perhaps?

On-site hairdresser for dogs

Sabine is our canine hairdresser. She cuts and washes and dries and brushes - the whole nine yards, if you want them. Wow, that's great. We will be pleased to make an appointment for you at reception!

WOW! Who wants to be a smoochy smelly dog?

Goodbye dirt and grime

Well, we love to play in the dirt and really get out there in all weathers. But we also like to snuggle up with our favourite humans. And they like it clean. The solution? Off to our pampering station! Should we have the full wash or just a little rinse? Whichever you prefer. I recommend the whole treatment: you will be shampooed, then hosed off in warm water – and finally blow-dried all over (for a fee). But if you are not too dirty, the cleaning station also contains towels and brushes for a little fine-tuning!


I just live to jump in puddles and roll around in the dirt. At home I'm not allowed. But here? No worries, we'll just head off to the dog pampering station! WOW!

WOW! How delicious is that...

real á la Carte pleasure

We have every kind of dog food. Either a range of offers from the shop – or else in my favourite place, the BARF room! There are complete menus on offer, and delicacies brought from home can be stored in the deep-freeze and then thawed out in a dedicated refrigerator.

BARF – fresh, raw, delicious!
BARF – it means pure nature. Menus are designed around fresh or deep-frozen meat, organs, bones and fish. The meat is combined with fruit, vegetables, cereal products and feed additives, then fed raw. You can choose from up to 30 different menus here at the Riederhof!


I was fed up with all that dry muesli stuff. But that BARF food, WOW, that's delicious! Real raw meat, how good it smells! I'll even put up with the vegetables!

WOW! Have a healthy hound!

recovery and regeneration

At the Riederhof, even the dogs can enjoy some wonderful recovery and regeneration time. We also offer professional rehabilitation programmes following injuries or operations.
In this area we work together with our fantastic partners at

The "Vetpix" – Institute for Small Animal Diagnostics and Imaging is quite unique. Since last June, the first MRT (magnetic resonance tomography) and CT (computer tomography) machines have been available to dogs and cats in Ötztaler Höhe. This is the latest in diagnostic tools for injuries and illnesses in small animals. For more information, click on the following link:

Dr. F. Demetz: +43 664 4682 829

St Lukas Veterinary Clinic:
6471 Arzl im Pitztal, Bichl 222
+43 5412 655 35

Doctor and pharmacist:
Dr. Krehn +43 5472 22110 After hours extension 13

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