Hotelhund "Bubu"
Exterior view of Hotel Riederhof in summer

Welcome to Bubu & friends'

at Hotel Riederhof

I am BUBU, an Irish Setter, and you might say I'm the canine director here at the Riederhof. Well, no, please don't take me literally, I just live here. But I always have up to 40 FRIENDS staying – and I have to tell you, it's simply WOW!

Ski hotel, family hotel, but most of all it's a dog hotel – the Riederhof

has really "gone to the dogs"

I had to twist a few arms, but some years ago, Helga and Peter finally accepted that our dog-friendly hotel in Tyrol really has "gone to the dogs"! What does that mean?

In winter we frolic in the snow, and in summer we go for wonderful walks. We really have a great time. And the great thing is, our favourite humans have a fabulous time here too! With delightful dining options for both human and dog, and wellness for everyone – read on to find out more!


Everything's gone to the dogs at the dog-friendly Hotel Riederhof


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from both two- and four-legged fans


WOW! It's simply WOW at the dog hotel

in Oberinntal

We love the snow. We love the sunshine. We love the wind, drizzle, fog and rain. You might say Hotel Riederhof in the Ladis district provides perfect weather for dogs all year round, as well as an endless canine obstacle course with the most magnificent dog trails around this dog-friendly hotel, suitable for winter and summer alike. One thing is for sure: if it's to do with dogs, we like it. Snuffling across the snowy landscape with noses to the ground, scrambling around in the scrub, darting here and there across the countryside in tremendous leaps, pausing occasionally to let out a joyous bark – with a nice swim and splash in between, when we can – that sounds like a dog's perfect holiday. All dog-lovers know what we're talking about.

With the tremendous range of dog services, from their own pool to the agility playground, there's simply everything a dog could want. And this doesn't just make doggy hearts beat faster, but their two-legged friends' as well. Far from any main roads, dogs and their associates will find their own piece of paradise right outside the doors of the dog-friendly Riederhof Hotel in Ried im Oberinntal. Contemplative strolling or galumphing through powder snow, sun, rain and wind are sure to be good for us dogs, but they also revitalise our favourite humans...

That's why I'm looking forward to your visit! WOW, see you soon!

Your Bubu

Skiing holiday with your dog

including dog-walking service

The dog-walking service at Hotel Riederhof means that we dogs are happy to stay at the hotel while our people go skiing. The only requirement is that we should be able to stay in our rooms by ourselves for an hour or two. We just need to wait in our rooms, and we will be collected between 11 am and 1 pm to go for a walk!

Winter holiday with your dog:
all guided tours from the hotel can be enjoyed in both summer and winter. With or without snowshoes, we dogs are always happy to come along. I, your canine host BUBU, am a truly gallant gentleman, and I am looking forward to meeting you - and I am crazy excited to come along on winter walks with my canine guests.

We look forward to plenty of paws in the dog-friendly Hotel Riederhof in Tyrol.

Rex, German Shepherd from Meran, 5 years old

Thank God we even have a BARF (bones and raw foods) room. Or else I might actually have to munch on dry food. But no, I too can enjoy the finest a-la-carte delights!

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