Hund "Bubu" im Restaurant 5.Jahreszeit
Speiseraum Restaurant 5.Jahreszeit
Nachspeisenvariation im Hotelrestaurant Riederhof

"The 5th Season" restaurant

What’s important is that everything tastes great at the restaurant in Hotel Riederhof

Where appetite and enthusiasm combine with passion. You could even say: those who appreciate good food get together with those who can create it. That's where the menu begins to tell fairy tales and inspire guests with delectable samples of edible creativity.

The 5th Season is always in season

at the restaurant in Oberinntal

The potatoes in a delicious home-made gratin perfectly complement the steak, while the brown trout harmonise with the king prawns. All accompanied by the flair of The 5th Season, which not only delights the tongue but also constantly conjures up enchanting culinary surprises.

Why have we invented another season? That's an easy one: first, the feature film "The Fifth Season" was filmed here – and our senior director played a bit part in the film!
Second, to prompt a new way of thinking and encourage people to rethink the business of food! All our dishes are prepared using exclusively fresh, seasonal produce, and we source animal products only from humane production! To really enjoy a meal, take your time and discover the various taste combinations at your leisure. That's our motto. In times like these, where fast food and convenience are taking over the kitchen more and more – choose a more difficult and yet rewarding path for the sake of your health.

Hund an der Bar im Hotel Riederhof
Cocktail und Sekt an der Bar des Hotel Riederhof
Traditional Austrian Topfenschmarrn

Delicacy after delicacy

at the restaurant in the Landeck district

Head chef Patrick Liebetruth and his team demonstrate this concept most wonderfully in the kitchen! Inspiration comes from France, Italy, Germany and Austria to create a unique culinary style. Each dish is created in loving detail to delight both the eyes and the palate.

Indulge yourself with a bit of down-time and reserve your table now at or via telephone on 0043 (0) 5472 6214.

Our wine cellar

An adventure for wine-lovers

The oldest part of the house contains our adventurouswine cellar – Vinum Inn! The display wine cellar invites guests to appreciate some pleasant information. Wine tastings with a sommelier are held in the cellar once a week. This wine cellar is the basis for the hotel’s comprehensive wine menu. Many wines are stored here until they are perfectly mature! There is an exciting range of dessert wines, and the overall theme in the cellar is, of course, Austria!

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