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Hotel Riederhof GmbH & Co KG
Truyen 113
6531 Ried im Oberinntal
+43 5472 6214 12
Managing Director
Peter Mangott
Company register:
Register Court
Landesgericht Innsbruck
ECG (E-Commerce Gesetz): Bezirkshauptmannschaft Landeck
ATU 32763907
Objective of enterprise
Hotellerie und Gastgewerbe

Website Realization

Siezenheimerstraße 39B
5020 Salzburg
  • Webdesign
  • Web Concept
  • Technical implementation
  • Creation and delivery of content
  • Editing
  • SEO and SEA

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Information regarding online conflict resolution according to Article 14 (1) of EU Regulation No 524/2013 on consumer ODR (online dispute resolution):

The EU Commission offers an online conflict mediation service on one of their operational platforms (the so-called "OS platform"). The OS platform can serve as a contact point for the extra-judicial resolution of conflicts resulting from online sales agreements or service provision contracts. This platform can be accessed via the external link ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

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