cultivate oneness of body, mind and soul

The Riederhof has become a home. For people who value the mountains, nature, exercise, peace and far-seeing.

Sit back, breath deeply and refuel

It's good for heart and soul

For people who sometimes like to go one better and enthusiastically celebrate the wildness of nature. And especially for people who cultivate the oneness of body, mind and soul. With a wonderful massage. With caresses for the soul. Indulge yourself with some personal time off!

Overview of classic massages

Massages are, in the broadest sense, the oldest healing method known to humankind. Peace, relaxation and recuperation are important elements of your luxury holiday at the Riederhof. All treatments are carried out by highly qualified specialists with many years of training and experience.

Part massage25 minutes€38
Whole body massage50 minutes€63
Combination foot and back massage50 minutes€75
Intensive back massage 50 minutes€75
Foot reflexology massage50 minutes€68
Lymphatic drainage – body50 minutes€65
Lymphatic drainage – head and face25 minutes€38
Head and facial massage25 minutes€38
Neck and head massage25 minutes€38


Overview of

of our saunas

Stone pine massage

with stone pine timber and honeyed stone pine oil

Back or legs
25 minutes: €44

Whole body massage
50 minutes: €88

Whole body massage including face​​​​​​​
75 minutes: €108

A deeply relaxing and intensively revitalising massage with warm stone pine timber and honeyed stone pine oil.

"Strength of the mountains" sports massage

with mountain pine oil

Back and leg massage – with mountain pine oil*
50 minutes: €75

*Different oils can be used on request!

Weary traveller

with refreshing arnica leg-wraps

Leg and foot massage – with refreshing arnica leg-wraps
50 minutes: €75

Anti-stress relaxation massage

with lavender oil

Gentle whole-body massage – with lavender oil and follow-up facial massage
50 minutes: €71

Singing bowls

in various pitches

Whole body treatment
Singing bowls in various pitches are played on and around the body. This technique clears blockages and quickly produces a state of deep relaxation.
50 minutes: €75

Salt on my skin

with warm salt stones

Massage with warm salt stones
50 minutes: €98

Purifying and relaxing!
You can take the salt stones home with you and use them in the bath.
This treatment goes well with the stone pine oil salt peeling!

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