Ruheraum mit Ruheliegen- und Betten
Blick auf die Sauna im Garten des Hotel Riederhof
Sauna im Hotel Riederhof

Sauna & quiet zone

Your hotel with a sauna near Serfaus: the Riederhof

Realise your position at the centre of the world. Be at one with yourself. Consider nothing. Simply arrive in yourself. Time takes its timing. And hurry takes its haste. Enjoy the feeling of slowing down every hour.

Sauna and more

in Ried im Oberinntal

In our sauna area you can experience the interplay between the ancient energies of the Alpine mountain landscape and the mellow elegance of our magnificent quiet zone with all your senses. Experience the feeling of letting go, immersion and being uplifted. Feel new forms of balance and harmony and be at peace with yourself. From the garden pool to the sunbathing area and from the stone pine sauna to the relaxing lounges.

An overview

of our saunas

Infrared cabin

Klafs infrared warming cabin

The Klafs warming infrared cabin maintains a bathing temperature of 45 – 50°C and is particularly suitable for sensitive or frail visitors. The treatment will strengthen your immune system and detoxify and purify your body. The infrared cabin is so mild that even children and older guests may benefit from a visit.

Steam bath

Comforting warmth

Your skin will become velvety soft, the pores will be opened and the temperature is comfortable – just what you need for perfect relaxation! An interesting additional option is the rose-scented grotto – a steam bath with rose fragrance extracts which have an especially calming and relaxing effect!

Ceramic sauna

55 – 60°C

The 55-60°C temperature is the perfect warmth to enjoy as a precursor to the Finnish sauna! It is also the perfect option for people who cannot tolerate the Finnish sauna! Guests sit comfortably on ceramic benches. A small jet of steam circulates to maintain the necessary humidity.

Recommended session time: 15 to 25 minutes
Recommended number of visits: 2 - 3 sauna sessions

Finnish sauna

75 – 90°C

The most popular sauna variety of all time!

Recommended session time: 10 to 15 minutes
Followed by relaxation for at least 15 minutes and repeat the whole ritual 3 times !

Outdoor stone pine sauna

Includes fantastic views of the surrounding landscape

Our stone pine timber outdoor sauna is the perfect combination!
The unique aroma released by the essential oil of the stone pine makes a noticeable contribution to extra relaxation. The sauna also boasts magnificent views of our fabulous landscapes.

Essential fragrances changed daily, supervised sauna sessions (1 per week) and a refreshing plunge pool in the open air complete this unique sauna experience in the Riederhof's wellness garden!

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