Fly fishing in the nearby pond

Fly fishing

in Ried

What does it take to keep an angler happy?
Exactly! Beautiful waters for fishing and relaxation.
Check out our favourite locations here.

Fishing waters

near the Riederhof

Rieder Badesee

and fishing pond

Guest licenses for these waters are not limited, so nothing can stand in the way of your fishing party. The lake covers an area of approx. 1 ha and has a maximum depth of 2 m. You can fish for trout, carp (must be returned) and tench in its waters. Even bait fish can be caught in the lake!

The Schnadiger Weiher

at Kauns

This little mountain lake is partially hidden on the way to the Aifner Alm on Kaunerberg – a secret tip from Peter!
You can catch carp, brown trout or fingerlings.

Ried's Inn district

grayling area

The Ried fishing district is located in a grayling area. These waters are a particularly good habitat for the fish. The district contains different currents, broad runs, deeper waters with slower currents and gravel beds, which are important for the survival of this type of fish!
You can catch grayling, brown trout and rainbow trout.
2 guest licenses per day are issued for the district. Prompt booking is an advantage!


at Prutz

This stream flows from the Kauner valley and is home to brown mountain trout – an icy torrent that is a perfect match for the ruggedly romantic environment!
You can catch brown and rainbow trout or speckled trout. 4 fishing licenses per day are sold for this location.


at Nauders

An idyllic mountain stream! Plenty of opportunities for the sport-loving fly fisherman as well as the passionate hobby angler!

Angler rates

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Fly fishing near Hotel Riederhof

Advantages for anglers

at the Riederhof fishing hotel on the upper Inn

Running water
There are numerous waterways near the Riederhof, including the Inn, Faggenbach and Stillebach.

Still waters
Some of the most beautiful bodies of water for your fishing holiday are located near our hotel, including the Schnadinger Weiher, Rieder Badesee and Grünsee.

Culinary offers
The kitchen team at the Riederhof are happy to provide a breakfast basket for the keen angler, if you wish to be out on the water by 7:00 am, as well as a fisherman's snack so you can spend the middle of the day relaxing by the water!

Expert guide
Get some expert advice from our director and fly fishing guide Peter.

We can supply maps with descriptions of water conditions and other information.

Guidance and courses
The Riederhof is an ideal location for learning or improving your techniques. Guidance and courses are available on request (please book early). Fly fishing lessons with the hotel director!

Drying room
We provide a drying room for wet clothing, boots etc., so that you don't have to wear your wet clothes again when you go fishing.

Your catch…
...can be smoked, frozen or prepared for you by our team. This will attract a small charge, depending on the method of preparation chosen.

Fishing licence
We can organise a Tyrol fishing license and day license for your chosen body of water.

Day licenses for the Inn, Faggenbach or Stillebach€30 per person per day
Day licenses for the Rieder Badesee and Schnadiger Weiher€20 per person per day
365-day fishing license for Tyrolone-off payment of €25


Fly fishing equipment

Prices and information for anglers

Your fishing hotel in Tyrol

A fishing fee (annual license) must be paid to the state of Tyrol once a year! Licenses are not required for lakes and mountain ponds.

  • Adults: €25
  • Children: €15

If you have already been fishing somewhere else in Tyrol this year, then your license is already valid as it can be used anywhere in Tyrol. Don't forget to bring your license card with you!

Fishing methods permitted:

  • Fly fishing
  • predatory and non-predatory fish
  • Various waters

Bait permitted:

  • all baits permitted under Tyrolean fishing laws.
  • Fishing with flashers is forbidden!

Catch permitted:
five trout and one grayling per day per license. When an angler reaches their catch limit, they must stop fishing. Trout may not be released back into the water.

Size limits:
Trout 30 cm
Grayling 50 cm

A guest license for the Inn or the Faggenbach costs €30 per day. €25 per day for lakes.

Head of the Ried fishing club:
Peter Mangott
Tel. +43 5472 6214
Hotel Riederhof information: +43 5472 6214

Peter's special fishing tip:
The fish bite particularly well in the early mornings. We will prepare an early morning picnic basket for you, complete with breakfast and coffee, so you can go fishing as early as you like and enjoy your breakfast by the water!

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