Holiday with your dog

at the Riederhof

WOW! Welcome to the dog-friendly hotel

Hotel for you and your dog in Tyrol? Riederhof!

An Austrian wellness holiday with your dog made easy. At Hotel Riederhof, it's all about the dogs. But the holiday will be restful for the men and women of the party as well. During your short break or holiday with your dog in Austria's Tyrol region, everything is arranged for the convenience of your beloved four-legged companion.

Skiing with your dog? Not an issue, our dog-sitters will take your companion for walks and provide doggy entertainment.
Wellness with your dog? Equally fine. While you enjoy some indulgence, your dog is relaxing in the room with his own blanket and much more.
Hiking with your dog? Any time, any place. The mountain landscape is just waiting for you to join a guided hike in a group or venture out alone on the many clearly-marked dog trails.
Dog food? All available in the hotel's own dog shop and our BARF room for delightful fresh food.
Canine doctor or therapist? All available in-house or on call!
Dog hairdresser, dog wash, etc.? Of course, we have these too.

More questions?
The same answer still applies: Riederhof. Simply WOW!

WOW! Dog-sitting service with real dog-lovers

A team of carers just for dogs

I tell you what: we have a really cool team of humans to care for us dogs. They are called Renate and Philipp – the people who will go walking with you – and they will also take care of you with the perfect combination of petting and treats while your humans go skiing or whatever. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Dog-sitting €18 per hour
Dog supervision €60 for 4 hours


I am normally not that trusting and have to be asked really nicely. But that Renate, she really knows what she's doing. Not only was the walk long and exciting, but she even let me read the newspaper in peace! Really WOW!

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