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Dog Stories

So in love with dogs

If there’s one thing our Roxy would say, it’s that holidays with her owner are super cool! We explore the area together, have exciting adventures or just hang out together. The main thing is that I can always be there!

Andrea & Roxy

At the Riederhof, you can quickly socialise with like-minded people. You immediately realise that the hotel is run by dog lovers and that dogs take centre stage; dogs are really welcome here. There are also plenty of opportunities to do things with your four-legged family member and spend a great holiday together.

Birgit & her furry friend

It’s nice when our Jambo can join us on holiday as a member of the family. We enjoy spending time with him and appreciate the fact that he is so welcome at the Riederhof. What else do we like? Shared experiences and dog trips. And the fact that our Jambo is allowed to join us at the pool – that’s pure luxury.

Andrea and Urs with Jambo

At the Riederhof there are no “disapproving looks” from other guests when your best friend misbehaves. Dogs are welcome and wanted here from A to Z. We also appreciate the interaction with like-minded people and the fact that we can spend 24 hours a day with our favourite – from breakfast together in the restaurant to bedtime.

Moni & Thorsten

After several decades I am on holiday alone again. I don’t feel lonely with my dog Socke and feel very welcome at the Riederhof. Activities such as hiking with my faithful companion are simply more fun here and I can socialise with other people a lot quicker.

Sonja & Socke

At the Riederhof, we particularly like the fact that the restaurant is so quiet and cosy with all the dogs. All the staff are very obliging and friendly. We can also take our dog with us everywhere and there are lots of play opportunities for him.

Trixi & her furry friend

We can no longer imagine a holiday without a dog. So we really enjoy being on holiday at the Riederhof. Firstly, we love being with like-minded people, and secondly, every wish is catered for ourselves or for the dog

Manuela & Kiddy

We feel particularly at home at the Riederhof because all our “dog wishes” are fulfilled. We especially love the fact that our Balu is always allowed to join us for meals – that’s not something we take for granted.

Sonja & Balu

We particularly appreciate the fact that our dog Lenny is allowed to join us everywhere at the Riederhof and experience our holiday together with us. The variety of “fun” for the dog is very large – and when our dog has fun, we also have a lot of fun.

Nadine & Lenny