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Relaxation for dogs and dog holidaymakers

Wellness and relaxation for two- and four-legged friends

While you enjoy the sauna or the heated pool, your four-legged friend is in good hands with us. Dog sitting or individual dog care – if that’s what you want? Of course, your dog can also run around the agility playground and cool off in the dog pool in the meantime. Then it’s off for a dog massage or to chill out in the shade.

Relaxation for the dog

Heated outdoor pool for summer and winter

The topic of wellness and spa also tastes particularly good in the clear Alpine air. “Sanitas per aquam” – health through water is well known to us all by now. But what about “Sanitas per alpem” in a hotel in the Upper Inn Valley with a pool? Health through the mountains and the power of the Alps.

Our heated outdoor pool is the ideal place to relax after a hike or a long day on the ski slopes. The outdoor pool is also open and heated in winter – so you can “cool down” after a hot day’s skiing.

Splashing around in the dog pond

In addition to the 1000 m2 play area, there is also a separate dog pond for your darling. So they can cool off after playing and romping around. Finally, your dog should also get their money’s worth: swimming, diving and splashing around. Then it’s off to the adjacent play area to sunbathe and chill out – with mum and dad.

Shady views

So hot

The hot addition to the cool water in the garden spa is our outdoor sauna made from Swiss stone pine. The unique fragrance emitted by the essential oils of Swiss stone pine wood has been proven to contribute to additional relaxation. The sauna also offers views of the countryside. Daily changing infusion fragrances complete this unique sauna experience in the garden of our hotel.

Take a sauna or simply let off steam

In our wellness and sauna area, you will experience the interplay of the archaic energy of the Alpine mountain world and the gentle elegance of our relaxation rooms with all your senses. Experience the feeling of letting go, immersing yourself and taking off. A new form of balance, harmony and “inner peace”. From the Finnish sauna, the relaxation rooms and the steam bath to the Swiss stone pine outdoor sauna.

Our saunas at a glance

Infrared cabin | 45 - 50°C

Our warm infrared cabin has a bathing temperature of 45 – 50°C. With regular use, you can strengthen your immune system and detoxify and purify your body. The infrared cabin is so gentle that even children and older guests benefit from a visit.

Steam bath

The steam bath is gentle relaxation for connoisseurs – surrounded by warm wafts of mist and the scent of herbs in your nose. Your skin becomes velvety soft. The airways and skin pores open up and your muscles begin to relax. An interesting additional offer is the rose-scented grotto – a steam bath with rose extracts, which has a particularly calming and relaxing effect.

Finnish sauna | 75 - 90°C

The Finnish sauna is a classic par excellence. It is characterised by high temperatures and low air humidity. The humidity is increased with short water infusions and sweating is stimulated. The Finnish sauna gets your circulation going, fights off infections more easily and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Swiss stone pine outdoor sauna

Our outdoor sauna made from Swiss stone pine is the perfect combination. The unique fragrance emanating from the essential oils of Swiss stone pine wood also contributes to your relaxation. The sauna also offers you marvellous views of our dreamlike landscape – in summer and in the snowy winter.

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