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What we stand for as a dog hotel

Your dog hotel
Dogs Come First

Arriving with us means arriving at home – in YOUR dog hotel. A genuine hotel for four-legged and two-legged friends. Dog-loving through and through. Run by dog lovers for dog lovers. A special place where dogs are a small number – the number 1, because “dogs come first” is our motto. Here, dogs can do what dogs need to do. Feel at home. Without any restrictions – of course, “so much WAU”.


We think it needs real WAU’s and more howling. A holiday for dog lovers – every­thing but dog-ordinary. With lots of added value and treats for two and four-legged friends. From WAU cuisine, wellness, dog training, guided hikes to personalised dog services. Simply arrive with a leash and go home with WAU experiences. And one more thing: what is special can only be wow.

Wau offers for four-legged friends

Everything except ordinary

What makes us special, for two- and four-legged friends

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Your hosts

So dog-loving and personal

I have a dog myself and a “little zoo at home” – from tortoises to geckos. It’s my love for dogs that drives me to create something great together with our team. A special place for two-legged and four-legged friends – of course with the extra “wow”.

Managing Director Anita

Even as a child, I dreamed of owning my own hotel. For me, the Riederhof is my personal lifelong dream, where I can realise my visions and ideas. With my own signature, high standards and everything but the ordinary. Because what is special can only be wow.

Managing Director Bernhard

When I took over the Riederhof in 2018, I knew that it had to be so WAU. Right from the start, my goal was to build a dog hotel where dogs are priority 1 and take centre stage. Just like my Emma, who represents our hotel as the “boss of the house”. Sometimes with a bark.

Owner Oswald & boss Emma

It is our employees who give the Riederhof the WAU