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Clicker training, social fitness walk or perhaps an individual coaching?

Clicker training for dogs

Clicker training is a gentle training method for dogs. Your four-legged friend is motivated and conditioned to perform a certain behaviour by an acoustic signal (click) and the associated reward. You will be amazed at how playfully your dog learns certain tasks and behaviours – and how you learn along with your dog.

Some advantages at a glance:

  • Behavioural and training problems can be solved
  • You can teach your dog tricks in a playful way
  • Your dog has fun with clicker training and will be rewarded
  • You yourself learn along with your dog
  • Your dog becomes more attentive and thinks more actively

Clicker training can be booked on site and is conducted by an experienced clicker trainer.

Mantrailing for
four-legged friends

Man­trailing is all about seeking and finding. Your dog becomes a literal search and sniffer dog. Using different methods, you and your dog will learn how to find people or animals. This uses your dog’s excellent sense of smell. Man­trail­ing is suitable for almost any dog – whether a puppy or an experienced hunting dog.

Some advantages at a glance:

  • Your dog learns to use its sense of smell in a targeted way
  • The training ensures a better bond between humans and dogs
  • Your dog can fulfil its search and hunting instincts
  • Training helps sensitive or submissive dogs to build up their self-confidence

Mantrailing can be booked on site and is carried out by an experienced mantrailer in a group.

Social fitness walk for dogs

Is your dog a loner or a “wild rascal”? Then the social fitness walk could be just the thing for you. Your dog will be socialised and accustomed to other dogs on joint learning walks (in a group). During the social fitness walk, the dogs are walked one behind the other on a lead – without direct dog contact. This is combined with fitness exercises for dogs and dog owners.

Some advantages at a glance:

  • Your dog’s social behaviour and impulse control are improved
  • Fears and aggression can be better reduced
  • Your dog builds up confidence in dealing with conspecifics
  • “Wild rascals” become lap dogs
  • The trust between you and your dog is strengthened

The social fitness walk can be booked on site and is led by an experienced trainer – together with other participants in the group.

First aid course for four-legged friends

The training provides you with a sound basic knowledge of the most common emergencies involving dogs. You will learn how to avoid dangerous situations for your dog and what measures to take in emergency situations. The first aid course provides you with theoretical and practical knowledge. You will also learn how to handle your dog and how to behave if you need to administer first aid in an emergency.

Some advantages at a glance:

  • You will learn how to handle your dog safely in an emergency situation and how to administer first aid
  • You learn to better assess or avoid dangers for your dog

The first aid course can be booked on site and is conducted in a group with a first aid expert.

Individual one-to-one coaching for dog owners

Is your dog afraid or doesn’t want to be left alone? Does he bite on the lead and can’t walk on a lead? Or does he react inappropriately to other dogs and lashes out at them?
If you wish, you can book one-on-one coaching with an experienced dog expert at the dog hotel Riederhof. They will cater to your individual needs. Strengthening the dog-human relationship and the well-being of your dog will be the focus.

Our trainers
and dog experts

So absolutely competent and in love with dogs

Daniela is a passionate dog expert and trainer. Her core competences include aromatherapy for dogs to prevent anxiety, nervousness and stress. Daniela is also an animal nutritionist, dog masseuse and animal and human energiser.

Dog expert Daniela

Michaela has specialised in dogs for many years – with a focus on Social-Physio-Walk, Doggy’mnastics, holistic osteopathy for animals and much more. Michaela is also a qualified dog trainer and ATN-certified dog behaviour consultant and dog therapist.

Dog expert Michaela

Jeanette Stork lives for dogs and has been involved in dog sports for 50 years. She is a dog trainer for the HSVRM dog sports association, a trainer for the German Shepherd Dog Association and a dog psychologist for the ATN Switzerland. Jeanette was also chairwoman of the police and protection dog association in Darmstadt for 15 years.

Dog expert Jeanette Stork

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