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So service­orientated

Everything you can do and nothing you have to do at the dog hotel Riederhof

Dogs come first - naturally also when it comes to service

Before we get to the services, one more important thing: your dog will be seen and heard at the dog hotel Riederhof. It is the centre of attention – whether it growls or not. Because we share your passion for dogs. And we always endeavour to offer you the best dog service.

What is special can only be wow

Walk the dog service

Fancy a day of skiing or a rafting tour? Want to enjoy the day on your own without your dog and set off on a mountain adventure? Then book our dog-walking service.

Your four-legged friend can stay alone in your room at the dog hotel Riederhof and wait to be picked up by us. Our trained staff will take your four-legged friend for a walk – on the dog meadow or in his favourite spot in nature. At the agreed time, you can pick your dog up again, tail wagging.

Discover the walking routes

Dog sitting for your four-legged friend

We get to know each other for the first time. The ice is broken. Your dog gets to know our dog sitter. Your dog’s allergies, habits and preferences will be clarified. Now you can relax and start your mountain adventure. In the meantime, your dog will be lovingly looked after by us – with relaxation, fun and games.

You can book dog sitting with us at any time. We are also happy to cater to your dog’s special wishes.

Individual dog care for "VID's"

For anxious dogs or dogs with a strong character, we offer individual dog sitting (bookable on site). In contrast to dog sitting in a group, your four-legged friend is the centre of attention. Your dog will be looked after individually by a trained person – for the period of time you choose. Your dog will receive our full attention as a VID (Very Important Dog).

Off to the dog wash with a glossy finish

The outdoor adventure has left its mark. A quick cat wash is no longer enough for your four-legged friend. It needs the full programme: from pre-wash and shampoo to a glossy finish with drying.

You can wash and dry your four-legged friend free of charge in our dog grooming centre. Until your dog shines in new splendour.

Dog groomer - you are a beautiful dog

Does your dog need a grooming or a short haircut in a new summer look? For the perfect holiday flirt with other dogs. We will be happy to organise an appointment at the groomer. So that “Struppi” becomes a show dog and turns the heads of the others.

Fancy a towel?

After an eventful day, you return to the hotel. Your dog still has half the forest in his wet fur. If your dog’s own spin programme is not enough, we offer a towel service directly at the hotel entrance. Or you can go straight to the dog wash with drying programme.

It needs real WAU's and more howling

What makes us special for two- and four-legged friends

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My dog is ill or injured - what should I do?

As we specialise in dogs, we have a small dog pharmacy in the hotel. If necessary, please just contact us – we will help your dog as much as we can. For larger ailments, we have co-operations with vets & Co in the area – below you will find the contact details.

Veterinary practice Dr Demetz
T +43 664 468 28 29
E tierarztpraxisdemetz@aon.at
6531 Ried, Truyen 336

St Lukas Veterinary Clinic
6471 Arzl im Pitztal, Bichlweg 20
T +43 5412 65 5 35 or
T +43 676 702 3668

VETPIX- Institute for Imaging Small animal diagnostics
Small animal imaging diagnostics with MRI and CT (computer tomograph) for dogs and cats. State-of-the-art diagnostics for injuries and diseases of small animals.

T +43 664 9203066
6430 Ötztal Bahnhof, Ötztaler Höhe 21